Compact Utility Tractors

No matter what size of tractor you choose, one thing remains constant – superior performance. Each tractor in the line-up is tailor made for demanding applications. And it’s easy to see why with high performance details and options like powerful high torque engines, convenient automatic two pedal transmissions and best-in class fully integrated cabs -there’s no job too big for these tractors to tackle. Don’t let their size fool you. First step up your expectations then step into your John Deere dealership to find the tractor that’s right for you.

1 Series

Ideal for mowing, loading, tillage and many other tasks. The 1 series sub-compact tractors are as versatile as you want them to be, whether you are a professional landscaper/municipality or own a large property to maintain.

2 Series

Although sized to easily park in garages or negotiate tight spots, the 2 Series tractors have the durable “big tractor” features you expect to overcome every task whether you are a professional landscaper, a municipality or a large property owner.

The 3 series

Building, mowing, digging, tilling - sunrise to sunset - it’s all in a day’s work. That’s why we made the 3 Series Compact Utility Tractors premium in every aspect… and literally from ground up.

The 4 Series

Introducing the 4M and 4R Series – loaded with premium, state-of-the-art technology and class-leading features you won’t find anywhere else. Take one look and it’s easy to see why the 4 Family truly is the new king of the compacts.

Tailor made financing

John Deere Financial has been helping customers grow their businesses for more than 150 years. Based on our unique understanding of your market and the challenges you face, we offer competitive, tailor-made financing for the machines you need to raise your game. From hire purchase to leasing and rentals, your local John Deere dealer can help you choose the options that suit your business best. Why not drop in for a chat?


Relax- you´re covered With a powerGard maintenance and protection plan, you can rest assured that your machines will always be in peak condition and raring to go.

Facts, not guesswork

Ever wished you could X-ray your machine to see how it’s doing inside? ExpertCheck is the next best thing: a thorough diagnosis of all key components (including sensors, electronics and software) using up-to-the minute, field-based checklists and tools that are exclusive to John Deere dealers. The result is a detailed report stating exactly where your machine stands, as well as what needs doing and when.


Based on this report, you can tell us exactly what work you want done. With transparent pricing and all-in packages for parts and labour, ExpertCheck takes the guesswork out of repairs and maintenance too.

Spares and repairs

Even a John Deere needs repairs eventually. When the day comes, our dealers pull out all the stops to keep downtime to a minimum. With a state-of-the-art workshop and a fully trained technical team on hand, they can provide professional support being equipped with the latest updates directly from the factories. For smaller repairs you’d rather do yourself, they can supply everything you need overnight – even for older

Compact Utility Tractors – John Deere UK & Ireland, are available in the Northumberland of dealer GREENLAY